Boys hair style : Add some extravagant look to your personality

The boys hair style are always of great importance. When you look forward to good haircuts, there are a number of things that will count. There are different types of hair. Some people have thick hair; others may have thin ones. Some people have curly coiffure while others come with straight. Moreover, the face type also counts when you point towards a good cut. Here are certain styles that are trending with the boys of the modern era. Have a look at these and you may find a suitable one for yourself.

boys hair style : Taper cut

boys hair style

If you got thick and straight hair, then you may fall in love with this style. In taper cut, the hair is kept long at the top. Then from sides and back, the hair gradually decreases. Therefore, you get a high top with low sides and back. However, it is tough to maintain it and to do so; you need to use regularly shampoos and hair products to keep it aligned.

boys hair style : The induction cut

boys hair style

The induction cut is pretty popular with the boys. Specifically, the men with black or brown skin tone are more familiar with this style. The hair is cut very short almost all over the head. They are kept balanced from all the sides. However, some may like to have more at the top and less on the sides. However, in any case, it is a low maintenance style. Your barber is likely to use a razor to give you a clean induction cut.

boys hair style : The buzz cut

boys hair style

Buzz cut is popular with young boys since some time. It looks appropriate for almost all hair types and faces types. Your barber will use electric clippers to cut your hair short, and you may like to give it a touch of your own. So, you can vary length from sides and top according to your own liking. It is a low maintenance boys hair style. Moreover, you can add some texture to your hair to have an enhanced fashion look.

boys hair style : Ivy League cut

boys hair style

It is pretty likely that you might have had some sort of Ivy League Cut in your school days. It is among the vintage cuts that are highly popular even with the modern generation. In this clean cut, the hair is side-parted at the top while you get your sides slicked.

boys hair style : Faded hair cut

boys hair style

There are different types of faded haircuts: the low fade haircut and the high fade haircut. In low fade, the lower half of your head is trimmed, and the hair is kept thick and long at the top. You can keep them side swept, or you can give it a taper at the top. In high fade haircut, the whole hair is trimmed down in a faded style except for some special ones such as Mohawk.

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