Can black people get lice? A common misconception

Can black people get lice

You may know someone with African American hair and wonder why they do not get lice? Or you may belong to a black family yourself and wonder why you or any of your relative has not complained about getting lice. It leads to the question that can black people get lice. A louse (singular of lice) is something really dangerous for your hair. If you have it, you need to get rid of it as soon as possible. But the question here that we are going to debate on is that do black people get lice.

can black people get lice : The misconception

can black people get lice

The common misconception is that black people do not get lice. You might have heard it from your relatives or friends that the African American hair is resistant to lice. People usually think it because the black hair is coarse. Black hair is not resistant to lice. Lice, in fact, does not have to do anything with the smooth hair or a coarse. It does not care whether you have thin hair or thick hair. It simply attaches itself to a strand of hair in order to get its food supply which is human blood. Yes, it is true that the lice suck blood from your head as their food.

can black people get lice : The lower rate of issue

can black people get lice

However, another fact when you talk about can black people get lice is that the African American companies do have a lower incidence of catching the head lice issue. These people do not get caught up by this problem as much as other groups. But what is the reason behind all this?

Well, if you are from this group or know someone who belongs to this group, you will be aware of the fact that they use oils and sheens on a regular basis. It is something without which their day is incomplete. They use it to keep their hair in tone and aligned. They usually make some unique styles and in order to do, so they need to have their hair in a perfect condition.

The use of oil and sheens help these people to repel and fight against the hair lice. Using these things constantly will help in preventing this issue to a great extent. However, the matter of fact is that even regular use of oils and sheens do not obstruct this problem completely. Sometimes, even after all this the lice manage to grab hold of your hair.

can black people get lice : What about the dreadlocks?

can black people get lice

If you are having dreadlocks and find out that you have head lice, you need to immediately cut them off. If you keep them there, the lice will manage to settle inside and will lay multiple eggs which will eventually hatch (if not removed). Thus, cut off your dreadlocks and ask your dermatologist or doctor to help you in getting rid of it. If it is not treated the right way, you will get into trouble, and this may lead to loss of hair. Using the oils and sheens constantly will help you a lot in preventing this problem

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