Clip On Sunglasses : Do You Still Need Prescription Sunglasses!

clip on sunglasses

Most people are not used to buy sunglasses with having eyeglasses. They thought prescription sunglasses are difficult to handle with eyeglasses and a burden on the pocket, ignoring the harm effect of the sun. Clip on sunglasses is giving you a great solution to avoid the sun because it is necessary to protect your eyes from the sun, clip-on means that you don’t need to buy prescription sunglasses. Wearing Clip on Sunglasses is best sunglasses to wear over glasses instead of prescription sunglasses. Clip on sunglasses is fixed on the top of the glasses by using a clip or magnetic clip.

Latest Trend in Sunglasses: Clip-Ons

clip on sunglasses

You must be trendy to take place in the modern world even you are using eyeglasses. Your attractive appearance always differentiates you so to distinguish yourself not only concentrate on your dress and hair but also on sunglasses. Wearing clip-On is a perfect and ideal way which is the most recent fashion instead of prescription sunglasses. Stylish fit over sunglasses gives you latest and modern look and shows your personality elegant and classy.

Clip on sunglasses is available in three different types in every shape with different colors

Standard Clip on sunglasses

clip on sunglasses

This type of clip is rubber coated which could not damage the frame or lenses of the prescription glasses. Standard clip is just like little fit over sunglasses, so attachment or removal is most difficult due to rubber, and it has a chance of the break. Standard clip-ons offer in many different attractive colors and shapes which give you astonishing look. These sunglasses are also available in a polarized clip on sunglasses and exist in affordable price which is fewer burdens on your pocket.

Clip on Flip Up Sunglasses for Eyeglasses

clip on sunglasses

Flip clip on is high in advantage because it’s easy to use. There is no need to remove or put back the clip on the frame of glasses. The clip over the glasses can be flipped easily up or down as per your need. Flips can remain on the frame of the prescription glasses, so it minimizes the chance of lost or disappears in bag or car. These clips on flips are smaller than standard clip on sunglasses. Flips can be break easily due to hanging on the frame, but it minimizes the chance of damaging your prescription glasses or lens. Flips are also available in different colors and size up to your requirement. You can buy also flip clip on glasses ray ban the most famous brand. Flip Clip-on give you mode and impressive look.

Magnetic Clip on Sunglasses

clip on sunglasses

The magnetic clips are the latest type of clip-on sunglasses which swiftly knows as a new trend in the modern culture. The magnetic clip-on sunglasses can only use on metal frames they use an apparent magnet which attached with the prescription glasses, so cannot use for plastic frames. They have no clips and fixes directly onto the frame. However, the magnetic clip-on must be the same size of glasses frame to block the sun. A magnetic clip-ons are the most expensive and gives a classy look.

Which Shape Suits You?

clip on sunglasses

Clip-ons are available in different shapes like square, triangle, round and all are with a full top. Which shape should you use?

 It’s a vital question to know that which shape suits you. So before using sunglasses must determine your face shape to know how to balance your features and show you more attractive if you know your face shape we are in progress that how to pick the appropriate clip on sunglasses because it’s all about contrast and balance that’s mean your glasses must compare your face shape.

For round face, if you are going to use round sunglasses you are totally going wrong it will give you unbalanced look like everything round and round on your face. You have to use square shaped sunglasses instead of round shape which gives you balancing and pleasant look. In a case of the triangle face, use rectangle spacious top sunglasses suites with your features. Round clip on sunglasses can use for both square and oval faces which enhance the grace of their personality.

clip on sunglasses : Find in Gorgeous Colors

clip on sunglasses

Clip-on offered many different eye-catching colors like black, gray, silver, green, and blue, etc. All these colors give an unusual and attractive look, and you can get the clip-on in any color as per your choice which suits you or with your matching dress. Usually, black color is used by both men and women, but blue, gray and brown are common for men. Ladies can also choose sunglasses in some attractive colors like yellow green and silver.


While purchasing sunglasses, prefer the item that suitable to your budget and approach your living standard. Clip on sunglasses is not as much expensive than prescription glasses. It is also available in different colors and styles that allow you to change the colors of the lens as per rapidly changing in fashion. This is less luxurious than buying quite a lot of pair of sunglasses. Standard clip-ons is the less costly type and easily available in reasonable price. Flip on sunglasses is favorable because they do not require continuing remove, so less chance of breakage. Magnetic clip on sunglasses are costly but very exclusive.—— clip on sunglasses can be fit accurately onto eyeglasses.

Clip on the frame should be carefully fitted to avoid the sun. A proper clip-ons provide a shield to protect harm effect from the sun while saving money and looking elegant.

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