This is the Cool haircut for boys to achieve amazing looks

Being a guy you will always look forward to the trendy and cool haircut for boys. There is hardly a male that is not conscious about his hair 2017 came with new trends and styles. So, the trend of haircut changed as well. There are styles that were previously listed as the cool haircut for boys but are not into the fashion these days. On the other hand, there are certain styles that new generation is giving some hype. So ( here is the list of some popular hairstyles of 2017 ).

Medium length cool haircut for boys

Cool haircut for boys

If you got wavy and thick hair ( this is probably the best style that you can have). The medium length hair with even distribution at all sides. Equally cut from the top ( sides and back giving a balanced medium cut and when combed back from top and sides look awesome ).

Slicked Back cool haircut for boys

Cool haircut for boys

The trendy and hipster look cannot be achieved any better than the slicked back. In this hairstyle ( the hair from sides and back are cut down short and most of the times ) they are almost faded. From the top ( the hair is kept long so that you can comb them all the way to the back giving you a classy and hip hop look ).

The classic undercut

Cool haircut for boys

The classic undercut is a vintage style but is still as famous as it was in its early days. It is still a cool haircut for boys. It is hard to achieve a perfect classic undercut. However ( when done in the right way ) it can look great no matter who you are and what sort of circles you are into. All you need to do is to have a clean cut from sides and a perfect medium wavy top which you can either sweep sideways or to the back.

Disconnected Undercut

Cool haircut for boys

The classic undercut is one thing but as it is tough to achieve ( people have made certain amendments to it and as a result ) today you have disconnected undercut. It is similar to the classic undercut. However ( what you can say that the classic element from it is taken away and replaced by a more modern and what is named as a disconnected cut ).


Cool haircut for boys

Pompadour is becoming highly trendy with the boys that are looking to achieve a decent and elegant look. It is a haircut that you will always look to have if you have a straight hair. Moreover ( when the pompadour is toned with the beard style ) It looks even more fantastic.

Fade haircut

Cool haircut for boys

Whether it is the low fade haircut or a high fade hairstyle ( it will never run out of fashion ). The low fade is cut short from the sides while the hair from the top are kept thick and a bit more in length. On the other hand ( in the high fade) you will find that your hair is faded from all over the head. Just a few special styles of high fade are exception such as Mohawk.

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