Do black people get lice or not?

do black people get lice

There are a number of people that want to know that whether black people get lice or not. Here, the black reference is not just a reference to the skin tone of a person. It is referring to the African American hair which is pretty much known for the amazing dreadlock styles. There may be a person you know that has this type of hair, and he or she might have never been through the problem of head lice. It will make this question pop up in your mind that do black people get lice? This article will help you in figuring it out.

Do black people get lice: The lice and African American hair

do black people get lice

Do black people get lice? Well, lice and stick to any sort of hair. Most people state that due to the fact that African American hair come with the coarse texture, it is hard that they get lice. It is a completely wrong statement. Lice do not have to do anything with the type of hair. Whether it is smooth and silky hair or coarse; whether it is thin hair or thick; lice will stick to it and will suck the blood from your head as their food. It will lay its eggs in your head. Ultimately, it will increase in number, and you will face a number of problems that are associated with it.

It is clear that dreads do not stop lice. From here, you may think that if it is not the dreads that stop lice from getting into these heads than what it is? Well, most of the African American families use sheens and oils at regular intervals in order to keep their hair in good condition. They are making various styles and doing so, they need to feed their hair with oils and sheens on a daily basis. These products help in fighting with the lice problem. They repel it and prevent it from sticking in your head easily. Ultimately, it can serve as a great remedy to this problem.

Do black people get lice: What to do if you get lice?

do black people get lice

There are certain things that you will experience if you catch head lice. You will feel like something is crawling on your head. There will also be itchy feeling, and things may not work for you in the right manner. Distress will be created, and the itching will cause scratching and bumps on your head.

When you get lice, there are certain things that you can do. First of all, cut off your dreads. If you are a male, it is suggested to shave your hair completely and then use oil on it. If you do not want to get bald, you can simply oil your hair as much as possible and on a regular basis. There are multiple medicines available to treat this problem, and you can try any of these after consulting with your dermatologist. Moreover, try to stay away from the elementary kids and person that are already affected by it. The kids at elementary school are at greater risk of catching the head lice.

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