The Secrets must know about gold chains for men

Gold Chains For Men


Wearing Gold Chain is an essential accessory in today’s fashion.Especially Gold chains for men are very famous in jewelry, so it’s becoming an important part of man’s wardrobe.

Men are going to be crazy to wear gold chains today. Gold chains also use with metal or leather necklaces. This amazing gold jewelry gives an attractive, charming, gorgeous and outstanding look.

Facets of gold


100% pure gold is very soft and flexible and also extremely expensive and difficult to afford to others. So usually jewelers use another metal to make the jewelry more durable and affordable.

  • 24 karat gold is 100% pure gold which is known as real gold, and it stated as 24k gold
  • 18karat gold is often known as 18k gold which is 75% pure gold and with Alloy some metal.
  • 14karat gold is written as 14k gold, and it is 58.3% pure gold. 14k gold necklaces for men is very famous.
  • 10karat gold stated as 10k gold and its 42% pure gold

It is impossible to get or purchase a 24k gold chain for men which is 100% pure and real gold chain, but 24k gold-plated chains are offered and are well appealing in look

Gold chains for men colors

gold chains for men

Gold chains for men are offers in many different and impressive colors. All color of the gold chains is stunning, but one is the greatest which suits you. As you thought before purchasing cloth about your favorite which suits you just like this must think about your desired color before buying a gold chain, because you are going to spend a big amount of money to purchase a gold chain.

You can also take opinion from your partner or friend that they may have a great eye for fashion.

  • 1- Chain in Yellow Gold

Yellow is the core color of gold and men gold chains are very famous in this color. Traditionally people use to wear gold in yellow color.

Yellow gold chains formed with the alloy of gold and metals like copper or zinc. It gives a man an outstanding and dazzling look.

  • 2- Chain in rose gold color

If you are concerned to buy a gold chain with various exciting color, then Rose Gold uniquely suits you. Rose gold formed with an alloy gold and copper.

  • 3- Chain in white gold

The fashion of wearing white gold chain is also rapidly spread in modern days, and it is an excellent choice if you are concerned with an extra delicate look. It has neutral color so it can suit with multiple shades, which makes it perfect for your wardrobe.

White gold chains formed with an alloy of gold and white metal. Usually, jewelers use nickel, manganese or palladium as an alloy of rose gold.

Length and width of gold chain

When you want to buy a gold chain, it must be in your knowledge about the length and the width of chain.

1- Length:

gold chains for men

A mass selection of Gold chains for men are available in different lengths. They are the beautiful and wide variety of style, wearing short gold chains are very trendy. It gives a delicate and fashionable look. They are also very suitable for daily wear and very easy to put on during work. Long gold chains are typically worn on the shirt and give a bold look. Mostly long chains used to present pendants.

Standard gold chain for men offered a broad range of length, from 18″ to 30″. When considering the chain length, use a measuring tape or just think about what your desired chain length. The length of your gold chain should be just up to your taste and style without any particular rule.

2- Width:

gold chains for men


More width makes the chain more solid. There are numerous solid chains for men with strong width.

For typical gold chains for men, the chain width starts at 1mm up to 6mm. At 6mm you can approach the hip-hop category

Before selecting the chain width, you should require your mirror image if you are buying for yourself and if you are purchasing a gold chain for someone else you need their reflection style.

Slim chains groom a propensity, and it frequently suits a man with a modest sense of style. The wider chains are extra noticeable and just suit a man with bulky physic and bold style, though, it based on fact. Ultimately, you just choose the width as well as how you wear. It is entirely up to your sense of fashion; there is no any particular rule.

gold chains for men

If you want to know about a variety of different style of men’s gold chain before purchase, this article can help you out. There are lots of types of gold chains with the various categories including Rope, Figaro, Curb, Miami, and much more. The large variety can confuse you in choice, but we expect that the following descriptions of trendy types will help you to make a decision for ideal gold chain


crub gold chains for men

You must be trendy to be a part of current society. Curb gold chains are very popular in today’s modern men. A curb gold chain is a category which has the variety of style. It looks like links of range with interlink. It usually comes in a standard size. There are some more types of curb chain

  • Solid Curb Chain In Yellow Gold:
Solid Curb Chain In Yellow Gold

These yellow gold curb solid chains are recommended long in size and comfortable to wear. It always worn on the shirt and also can be wear in parties which make you stylish. There no need of lock due to its long length and safe from broken because of its thickness.

  • Diamond cut curb chain:
Diamond cut curb chain

It is a favorite type of curb chains, and mostly singers use to wear it. It can also wear casually.

  • Curb chain with stone:
Curb chain with stone for men

Jewelers also offer curb gold chains with the sparkling stone which make the chain more precious. It gives an outstanding look and suitable for party wear. A lot of astonishing stones make it more luxury.

  • Curb chain in white gold
Curb chain in white gold for men


For an elegant and delight look, curb chains are available in white gold. You can also wear it as casually if you want to wear a chain on the shirt.


rop gold chains for men

Rope chains are available in different width and length as per your choices and requirement. The links in Rope chains are twisted very firmly into a pattern just look like a rope.  Usually, people are wearing this type of chain from early days.

  • Rope chain with necklace

Mostly people use to wear this kind of chain to display a pendant which enhances the value of the chain. You can use a thin and short chain with a small or tiny pendant, but if you are wearing a necklace t great size, you should use a thick chain with long length.

  • Rope chain in white gold

The White gold rope chain is best for daily wear in thin and short in size. It can also use with a pendant, and the size of the chain will base on the size of the pendant.

Snake Chain


The appearance and texture of this chain are just like the snake skin, which is the reason for its name. The snake chains have prepared with a group of rings fixed closely together. The Snake chain is prominent in the design. There is no need to wear any pendant with it because the prettiness of this chain is enough to give you an ideal look.

Figaro Chain


Figaro chains obtain from Italy and some small round links together with a long oval link. Among many different designs of gold chains for men, the Figaro style is one of the mainly admired. It can be worn in ceremony and also as casually.

Mariner Chain

Mariner Chain for men

Mariner chains are similar but smaller than the Figaro chains. Just like its name, Mariner chains look like the chain that you would see connected to an anchor on a boat.  Mariner chains alternate a single, small round link with a larger oval link. It is available in both silver gold chain and yellow gold chain, but we recommend the Mariner gold chain with both combination silver and yellow gold.

  • Mariner chain with stones

If you are looking for very delicate chain without a pendant, we will only advise you a mariner gold stone chain.

Box Chain


Box Chains are the sequence of many boxes and formed with square links which give the chain a boxy look. These thin Box Chains for men, becoming so popular from the last few years.

  • Round box chain

Round box chain is available with different length and Width.

gold Cuban Chains for men


Cuban Link Chains are the most classy designs in the range of gold chains for men. If you are looking a gold chain for a strong impression, we will just recommend you Cuban link chain.

Franco Chain


Franco chain originally from Italy. It is becoming very famous with the expansion of hip hop jewelry. Franco chain give you more lovely and perfect appearance with a delicate pendant.

Ball Bead Chain


The ball bead chain formed with the sequence of many small balls fixed together. You can get ball chain both in short and long length with the hollow beads. Slim ball chains widely used with a locket and this classic ball chain also worn outside the shirt. It is going to very popular as hip hop jewelry.

Wheat Link Chain

Wheat Link Chain for men

Wheat chains have a V-shaped pattern which just looks like wheat crop, and this is the reason of its name. It has a wonderfully complex, outstanding design.

Herringbone Chain


Herringbone chain is a traditional Italian design, and its pattern looks like a herring fish skeleton. This chain is impossible to bend because of its extraordinary flatness.

Cable Link Chain

Cable Link Chain for men

A cable link chain is a plain chain and very much simple in style. It is also called Rollo chain, and its pattern shows links of the circle in sequence.

Rhodium popcorn gold chains for men


Popcorn chain is round in style with the hollow inside. The patterns of the chain is similar as popcorn. It can wear in short length without a pendant.

There are quite a lot of other ideas in gold chains that you can get as per your choice of modification.


  • You must match your jewelry with your body shape. Sometimes people wear the heavy chains on a slim body which do not match the body and gives a terrible look.
  • For a delicate look do not wear more than two chains.
  • You must keep in mind the occasion when you are wearing chain. For a wedding party, you can wear the heavy chain with a pendant and can also wear without pendant on a dinner party. Wear simple and short chains as daily wear
  • When you are wearing two chains, you should use the same color of gold in both chains if you wear one white gold chain and one yellow gold chain together, it will not give you an attractive look.
  • If you are wearing other body jewelry on occasion, must match your neck jewelry with it.

How to clean your gold jewelry

you can clean your gold jewelry very easily in the home. There are many ways to clean it, but we are mentioning a simple one:-

  • Take warm water in a bowl Put some drops of liquid dish wash in it and mix it gently….
  • Soak the gold chain in this homemade solution….
  • Scrub it gently with a toothbrush….
  • Rinse it with warm water…..
  • In the end, dry this gold chain with a soft cloth.


If you are facing a problem of your chain with lot of knots, there is no need to worry, Just take some powder and pure on the tangles of the chain rub it softly then try to unknot it, you will get ride from tangles easily


Sometimes you purchase gold neck jewelry but have some doubt about your chain .you can test by yourself or some other gold jewelers. If you want to verify by yourself, you must need some fake jewelry.

You can test out your gold chain by different ways as mention below:

  • By stamp: you must check the mark on the chain at the end of the lock, this stamp will show the karat of the gold chain. That will be 24k, 18k, 10k, or 14k shows what % of gold is it. If you do not found any stamp, that mean it is a fake chain.
  • By smooth edges: you must examine the edges of the chain because gold has smooth edges, but fake jewelry has rough edges.
  • By weight: you can also check the chain by weight because gold have low in weight and other metals are heavy.
  • Thought scratch: you can also test your chain thought a little scratch, just scratch on the chain and also observe it if any black or green spots appears, that mean it not a gold chain.
  • By fire: Put little bit fire on the chain and examine it if it changes its color you will see the difference.

After all these tests out, if you still have doubt, you must concern with a jeweler.

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